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Do you know any resources you can refer me to so I can find out if a friend of mine who lives in Fort Smith Arkansas can obtain some sort of help with getting medication for HIV. He is only 21 and he has no health insurance. His levels are low enought to where he can start the medicine, but he doesnt know where to go to get help before it turns into full blown AIDS

  • Asked by Anonymous in HIV Apr 22, 2010
  • Posted on Apr 22, 2010

    STDcounselor PREMIUM

    I would suggest try calling the 1st number listed below. This is an STD testing center. Sometime STD testing centers provide other services or they ma... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Jun 16, 2014

    Rob******* Photo Verified

    What ever county you live in and state go to there website they usually are the best place to start or the cdc website local health department start there or an hiv testing center is the best way to go its how I found out I was positive they got me a care cordinator and had me on inusrance within 3 months and help me with questions rides applying to insurance took care of everything.

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