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I went to the Doctor for the first time on Friday since being diagnosed hiv+ She gave my numbers and I am having a difficult time with them, but she assures me in no time they will be back to undetectable levels. my tcells are 83 and my viral was over 1.9 million complete opposite of what it should be, and I will not start meds for a month. That is what scares me as my immune system is gone. She has started me on antibiotics that I will pick up on Monday. What else can I do? I am so scared right now.

  • Asked by Anonymous in HIV Oct 31, 2011
  • Posted on Oct 31, 2011

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    A person with HIV may not show any symptoms of the virus for years. The symptoms of HIV vary from person to person. Eating healthy, avoid smoking, avo... For detail, click here

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